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Know your C🐝D oil !!!

When choosing a C🐝D, not all oil is created equal. That’s why you’re here, because when it comes to your health you deserve to consume the BEST! #knowyouroil 🧐 Remember, this is an unregulated market, know the transparency and ethics of the company you are buying from. Companies are popping up all over and their […]

QUESTION: Is HempWorx C🐝D “Water Soluble”?

Is HempWorx C🐝D “Water Soluble”? ANSWER: No it is not – It’s better to leave the oil in its natural form, co2 extracted, with minimal ingredients. Straight from nature as it’s intended. The oil left in its natural form means it stays in the body longer, which is what anyone experiencing pain would want, and […]

Our beautiful Hemp farm

And this my friends is the reason the US Hemp authority gave not only our company a certified seal but our farm where we harvest and make our C🐝D products. Here’s a look at the farming πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎπŸšœ and manufacturing behind our organic, non GMO C🐝D products Watch this beautiful video ~