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We are an e-commerce company that offers the finest arabica coffee beans and also freshly ground. Our wide variety of loose teas from around the world are every tea lovers dream. Fresh and bursting with flavor is what “The Sipping Cottage” has to offer.

We carry a wide variety of accessories unique tea pots tea infusers and more!

Although we no longer offer gift baskets in our store, we do pride ourselves for custom orders for our corporate accounts such as: MTV, Coca Cola, Hugo Boss, Chevrolet and there were many Brides that had their wedding favors created by us as well. We actually shipped a magnificent Gift Basket to Island records in Ireland for the rock band U2, that was exciting!

“The Sipping Cottage” had many articles written about their quaint, charming ambiance in the NY Times Food section, Local Newspapers & Gourmet Magazines just to name a few.

“The Sipping Cottage” was founded during 1990 on a beautiful, sunny, Spring Sunday morning while my Husband, Danny, and I were sitting outside enjoying our morning coffee. I had mentioned to Danny about starting a mail order coffee & tea business. This is when we decided to start a mail order Gourmet coffee, Tea and Gift Basket business.

After sharing our idea with our Family, we all thought how nice it would be to open a quaint, little shop in Bayside, New York and that is where “The Sipping Cottage” was born. Across from the well known Donovans Pub for 5 years, our little baby grew up, so then we moved onto Bell Blvd, 1/2 a block from the L.I.R.R.

In 1997 due to unforeseen circumstances, we sadly had to close up shop.

When we reflect back to those magical years in Bayside, we by far had the absolute BEST Customers in the world and for that reason during 2011, my Husband and I have decided to bring “The Sipping Cottage” back to life through the internet via mail order.

As always, happy sipping and we look forward to serve you with your coffee and tea favorites!

Diane and staff

Take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey at

“The Sipping Cottage” and always remember to ~
take time out to smell the coffee and sip your tea with
inner peace and tranquility!

Diane is also an Honorary Member of National Association of Professional Women

Unlike other companies, did you know that we do NOT add acrylamide, chemicals, preservatives, gluten or sugar.

* acrylamide – a colorless, odorless, toxic crystalline compound, C 3  H 5  NO, soluble in water, alcohol, and acetone:

used in the synthesis of polyacrylamide and other organic materials, as textile fibers, in the processing of ore, and in the treatment of sewage.

*We are OU certified and all of our coffees are kosher.kosher sign

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