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🌱💚 DianesTestimonial

My personal testimony is pretty short and sweet. I am 63, take no meds {Dr’s. are confused at my age that I take nothing 😉 } Being on CBD for 2 months now, I have noticed my appetite has decreased losing a few lbs, I have cut back by 50% on smoking {yes I know nasty habit, I have tried everything out there and nothing else worked} my sciatica is virtually gone, and my anxiety has diminished dramatically when driving. I sleep great, wake up rested and energized and that’s with talking a 1 hour nap every single day!

🌱💚 Testimony #Migraine

😍 Linda shares…

“I have been taking CBD 500 Oil since Friday and have not had one migraine yet.
I usually have two to three a week and my migraines are not your typical migraines.
I have been diagnosed with Severe Complex Migraines which mimic stroke like symptoms.
Parts of my brain paralyzes and I loose the feeling in my left arm and leg and at times my left hand turns blue.
These migraines also make it impossible to stand and walk sometimes. I also feel off balance, nauseous and have sensitivity to lights and noise.
Since taking CBD Oil I went 4 days without a migraine.
I am hoping to get through the next 3 days without one. This would be my first week I went without a migraine in a long time.
Thank you CBD Oil.
I have my life back.
No more missed days of work either.”

🌱💚  Testimony #SpinalStenosis#Pain #DegenerativeDiscDisease#Arthritis

Excellent Testimony from Michelle 😍

“Hi Everybody!  This is me and my mom…. She suffers from severe spinal spinal stenosis/degenerative disk disease and arthritis…..She is extremely limited in her mobility and I’ve been her caregiver since 2015. 😷

There were days she would cry when I helped her get up in the mornings because of her pain… that’s the most heart-wrenching for me… because I NEVER saw her cry. 😢

Keep in mind, I’ve been searching and searching and searching for something to help with her pain….

✅I’ve been giving her Curcumin which has helped tremendously….

✅We focus on “gut health” to help with inflammation — so no refined stuff/processed food …. she takes digestive enzymes, a probiotic, a good quality multi-supplement….this has helped tremendously…

✅Every day I apply Blue Emu cream with peppermint essential oil to her back, the back of her legs, her knees, her shoulders… this stuff has helped tremendously.

But she is still in pain… even though it would probably be a lot worse…. 😵

I’ll be honest…. I was a little judgemental about it… because I thought it was part of the legalize marijuana movement….

I’m LDS and mormons don’t drink or smoke….we don’t even drink coffee or black tea…. So I steered clear of it…

But when one of my friends reached out to me to tell me about CBD oil. I did a TON of research….

I even researched my church’s stance on it… and found that they DO SUPPORT THE USE OF CBD OIL…. so I decided to give it a try.


After 24 hours, my mom was able to get out of bed without moaning in pain. Inside, I was praying it was because of the oil. 🎆🎊🎉👏🎇

After a week, I finally asked her what she thought… and she admitted that she was scared to say anything for fear it was just a “Placebo Effect”… LOL.

It has been 2 months now since she’s been taking her Hempworx 750 CBD oil twice a day(5 drops each) and there is NO WAY I will ever go a day without it. 

I am so grateful that my friend has reached out to me to tell me about this oil. ❤️❤️❤️

It has COMPLETELY changed my mom’s level of pain and she is actually having a good quality of life now.
P.S.  I can’t WAIT to start taking this myself…. order should be here this week!”

Testimonial #Dementia #Arthritis

🌱💚👏Rob’s story: “DAY 8: my dad suffers from Dementia and Arthritis

So my dad has been taking Hempworx CBD oil for 7 1/2 days now. Today he went to church and after church there was a meeting. In the past, due to the length of time he was there, just church would be enough to have him mentally exhausted and he’d either go straight to bed when he got home or would be in a bad mood simply because he was exhausted. Today he walked in the door at 2:40 (Typically it’s around 1:00) with a big smile on his face and now he is in the kitchen washing dishes and singing (If you know my dad he is a singer and whistler lol) Mom also told me that he sat still, for the most part, the entire time which would have never happened previously. He is also gradually having less and less pain. My mom used to soak his feet every night to deal with pain he was having. He doesn’t really even bring it up anymore. Hempworx has changed my dad’s life and because of that has changed our families life as well. My wife and I jokingly refer to it as liquid gold. The stuff just flat out works!”

🌱💚  Mom of a teen #teenagemoods #teenhormones #cramps

Hey Y’all..! I’m just bursting to tell you what a difference this 🌱 has made for my 15 yr old daughter..! 🤯 I started her originally for her back cramps & with the hope of it helping her ‘teenage moodiness’ that has been challenging all of us that love her & have to live with her.. ❤️❤️ Bless her heart… It’s been a month & She has more confidence & she can’t explain it, she just ‘feels better’ & she’s had more focus @ school, she’s gotten most of her grades up to A’s & B’s.. 😁 her mood is better, she’s less ‘teenage hormonal’ 🙄😡 all the time.. and, she is sleeping a lot better..!
🌱All since starting the 500 Peppermint..!
She’s getting 5 drops am & pm & we just upped it to 7 today for help with her monthly back cramps..
You guys..! I’m SOO Happy for her..
❤️ I’m gettin by girl back..! ❤️

THIS IS WHY I LOVE THIS STUFF.. besides what it’s doing for me, it’s truly helping SOO many people & now, it’s really hitting home… it’s helping my family.. ❤️🌱❤️…

Sorry for length but wanted to get this out!!!!💚🌱💚

OMG!!! 💚 THIS 💯%
And I must also add YES 👍 most that know me personally know I’ve had Really BAD Anger problems😠😈😠 and would Snap at anything and most times was a down right MEAN person to be around!!!😤😤😤 Well I’m HERE to say I’m so HAPPY to report That is NOT ME ANYMORE!!!😀😁😎 Yesterday Me and my Loving Wife👰 had to go see her Kidney Doctor for a Check up which So HAPPY to say all is well with her 2nd Transplant!!!😁🤗🙌 Anyhow on our way home we decided to Stop at a Favorite 🚚 stop diner for Breakfast…🍽🍳 Which is usually Great yeah not Yesterday Nici’s Bacon had to be returned twice then substituted with hash browns her pancakes looked horrible and our pops were strait CO2 twice!!!😝😝😝 So we get the bill right… “Waitress oh I took the bacon off but had to CHARGE YOU for the hash browns.”💵 SERIOUSLY the OLD ME would of BLEW UP in there😈💣💥 but NOPE put my coat on looked at Nici and told her babe I’ll be in the car!!!🚗 Yes I’m a FIRM BELIEVER in Hempworx and love how it is Changing my Life!!!!!

🌱💚 Testimony. #Migraine #Headache #Pain #Sleep

An amazing story from Jerry!

“Migraines virtually gone! Hempworx CBD oil changed my life! So here is my story. I have been suffering with migraines since I was in first grade. I have recent headache logs saved in my phone for a Migraine Doctor and my General Physician. My logs show anywhere from 12-16 headaches, most of them migraines a month. After taking CBD oil 6 to 8 drops under my tongue in the morning and at night, I now only have 2-3 headaches a month!!!! and they are very mild and I am able to function and go back to work with in a few hours. In the past I would be out for a day or two with a migraine headache and not able to function. This my friend is life altering results for me! I have stopped taking 3 migraine medications and my anxiety pill.

Additional results are, I sleep more sound and virtually have no pain after going to the skatepark and skateboarding for hours. (age 45) The next day I wake up pain free where I used to have aches, pains and locked up! I also vape it when I get stressed. I have been studying CBD like crazy since I started taking it 5/29/2017. Why didn’t I learn about this sooner?

Have fantastic day! Jerry”

🌱💚 Melanie Testimonial

Love my Hempworx CBD oil!! I started on it at the end of July, 2018, and I feel great!! It has helped my aching joints and arthritis. I can get in the floor and play with my grandsons without all the pain. I can sleep at night..no more seeing every hour on the hour.

I have been on thyroid medicine for 20 years. When I went to the endocrinologist 2 weeks ago, he was amazed at my numbers. My numbers were the best they had been in years. My numbers were so good that he lowered my Synthroid for the first time ever!! I no longer have ‘brain fog’ and fatigue. My doctor was totally surprised that the fog and fatigue was gone. He is a doctor that does research, so I’m sure he will check out our CBD oil.

If you haven’t tried CBD oil, you have nothing to lose, but GOOD health to gain!!

🌱💚 Testimonial #Anxiety #Migraine #RestlessLeg #Pain #Headache

From Amy: 
🌱💚 “Started taking CBD. Mind is blown. After so many over the counter “medicine” and prescriptions to band-aid the Migraines, anxiety and Restless leg syndrome. After watching from behind the scenes, reading, watching what others were saying about this magic potion that has been around forever, I made the purchase. Doesn’t my Dr want me to feel better? Why hadn’t he suggested this a long time ago? Why why why. Don’t we all want to live our best life? These were some of the questions that were rolling around in my head. Feeling ALIVE AND FEELING the way I can only imagine a human is suppose to feel like. When you struggle with pain and confusion your whole life that’s all you know. Hmmmmm, so 1 month on 500 mg CBD I now know what I was suppose to feel like all along… I have not had one migraine or even close to a headache, I have not had one bout of anxiety, and not one-time climbing into bed have I had restless leg syndrome. I also had a little pimple on my nose so I said what the heck I’ll put a little drop of CBD on my nose, the next morning it was completely gone, So my last question would be, why isn’t everyone on this? HOLY WOW!! FEELING FAB!!!🔆🌴💕💕You better believe I signed up to be an affiliate🔆”

Testimony #Arthritis #Fibromyalgia #NerveDamage #Diabetes #Sciatica

💚🌱 “Several years ago, about ten years ago I was raising my 2 year old grandson and babysit two other children one being 6 months or so. For the past 12 plus years I haven’t been able to do small snaps or bottons because of arthritis in my hands. I always asked parents to use clothes with zippers or pull on clothes. I remember my girlfriend coming in one evening to pick up her child and I’d made a Cast Iron frying pan of spaghetti sauce and I couldn’t pick it up and pour onto the noodles. Over the years my hands have gotten worse. Stopped sewing, crafts, flower arrangements, and many other things. Well today as Im changing my granddaughter it took me back to years past. Today, Im moving and using my hands with no pain. Like theirs no arthritis in them. Not asking for special clothes except one pair of black shoes I can’t get on my granddaughter. Don’t think it’s my hands but the shoes getting small. It’s the only pair I have problems with. 
What have I been doing that’s helping my hands? Yap, that’s the big question. The middle of November, 2017, I started using 5 drops of 500 HempWorx CBD Oil. I slowly started using more for arthritis, fibromyalgia, nerve damage, diabetes, sciatica, and a few other problems. I now use the HempWorx 750 CBD Oil, 10 drops 2x a days. I’m using my hands for many things now. Most days are pain free or on bad cold snowy days just a little pain. Im getting my life back. I’m so thankful for HempWorxs and all that they give us. Plus, look at my nails. Long and hard. ♡♡♡”

🌱💚 Testimonial #Sober #Autoimmune #Crohns #Raynauds #Anxiety#Depression #Sleep #Pain #Ileostomy #Integrity #Freedom

This right here. 💚 Kassie’s testimonial is so compelling and I can relate on a tiny level and I’m so proud of her! 👏🙌💪💚🌱

I’ve always been a wine drinker 🍷(my friends on here are like “no shit, ya think?”, but literally have had wine pretty much every week in some capacity. All it ever gave back to me was an urge for more, increased weight, and “borderline high” sugar levels, (and I do have diabetes in the family).

I love how Kassie says she feels “safe in her sobriety”. CBD completely took the urge for alcohol away from me, so I understand what she means when she says “safe”, I’m sure it took her craving for it away. 🎯

Since the unfortunate holiday weight gain and thyroid flare I was in because my natural thyroid was on indefinite back order and my dr cutting the prescription in error, for the new brand, my body was a wreck before the new year. 👎😞

So…I did what I know how to do, embrace the role as CEO of my own body, roll up my sleeves, put on the big girl panties, and make stuff better. 💪 I didn’t have a choice. So I doubled up the amount of HW CBD I was taking, slowly my hair stopped falling out and my energy started returning. A surprise effect was one day I realized I hadn’t had any wine in over a month, or any alcohol at all for that matter. My recent thyroid labs shows i was back in balance. Also, as of today, my weight was down 3 lbs. Only going forward from here‼️

🌱💚 Testimonial from Kassie:
“I’ve just celebrated 5 years sober. 7 months in was diagnosed with autoimmune disorders chron’s disease and raynaud’s disease. I had prolapsed intestines was on 15 medications steroids injections and infusions had 2 emergency surgeries and an illeostomy surgery. After 2 straight years of complete destruction and devastating consequences from my diseases I Was referred to medical marijuana by my doctor, as I was on so many medications for pain and inflammation and anxiety. I ended up paying way to much to go to the dispensary for them to try and push straight marijuana on me. Finally got them to allow me cbd but it costed almost 300$ a bottle for the cbd oil. So I ventured out to find over the counter cbd oil and total tried close to 30 different brands of cbd oil that helped but after doing so much research and realizing the fillers and how much I was still going through by the grace of God found HEMPWORX about 6 months ago and have never looked back and now became an affiliate 3 weeks ago! It has completely changed my life and has given me my freedom back and now is helping not only me but my husband and both my 8 and 11 year old daughters and my 7 year old rescue German shepherd named Vixie. Not only has CBD helped me with my auto immune disease its helped with overall pain, anxiety depression sleep headaches and so much more. Its allowed me to feel safe in my recovery or sobriety but it’s also allowed me to have integrity and spread awareness about how amazing these products are for so many people! AND AFFORDABLE AS WELL!”

🌱💚Testimony from Ron #Arthritis

“have suffered from major arthritis pain (degenerative bone disease) I have not been able to open a jar because of the pain in my hands. This has been going on for years. I even have issues with my lower back for years as well. OK basically every joint in my body hurts all the time. I have tried everything from topical gels, very high doses of tylenol and even pain killers.

I finally found a miracle product that has literally stopped all the pain in my hands and has decreased the pain in my lower back. This stuff is amazing. It is called HempWorx CBD Herbal 750 Drops”

🌱💚 Testimony #ADHD #Headache #Pain #Constipation

A testimony from a mom with small kids!!! 
“💙❤️💕All of these medicines have been replaced in our home with Hempworx CBD oil😳 
💊 Miralax for constipation
💊 Tylenol for headaches/pain
💊 Ibuprofen for headaches/pain
💊 Percoset for headaches/pain
💊Fiorocet for headaches/pain
💊 Ritalin for ADHD 
💊 Intuniv for ADHD 
I encourage you to Google side effects for any of those. They’re pretty scary actually. CBD oil has no negative side effects.”

🌱💚 Testimonial #ADHD #Suicidal #Sleep

From Marissa: “My 13 year old son has been using for about 2 weeks now and wow what a difference it has made! We started and quit ADHD meds within just a few weeks at age 6 because they made him suicidal AT 6 YEARS OLD!! Also, I found a pile of pills hidden behind the water cooler…. when I approached him about it he broke down in tears and said he didn’t like the way they made him feel! We stopped them that day and never looked again at a pharmaceutical solution! CBD really is a game changer for us! He sleeps more soundly is more rested and happier all the way around! His teachers have noticed that he is more focused in class and even participating more! I highly recommend!! We use Full Spectrum 500mg 7 drops morning and bedtime!”

🌱💚 Testimony #Autism

CBD and children? Yasssss! 💚💚💚🌱 Read why, here’s Ben’s story on just Day 4 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

“Hi everyone! I don’t want to get ahead of myself, as this is only day 4. However, I’m hopeful this is the answer to the years of prayers for my son. Ben is 10 and has #Autism. He has never slept well, usually awake around 4AM opening and closing his door until one of us get up and tell him it’s morning. He has also had horrible obsessions, especially with food. Today, we woke up to a completely different kiddo. He didn’t open his door until 7:15. He asked for breakfast, then for lunch and then we had dinner. Nothing in between. He didn’t even ask for a snack before bed. And, instead of pacing around the house all day, as he usually does when there is no school, he sat at the table, writing and drawing most of the day. He created worksheets like his teachers make for him at school. He returns to school tomorrow after a 9 day teacher work stoppage. I will keep all of you posted.”

🌱💚 Testimony #Sleep #Anxiety #SeparationAnxiety 💚

Here’s what Ashley has to say 🌱☺️🥰

“This little girl right here, Raegan has been an awful sleeper since day one! ☝🏼😳 shes never napped during the day, maybe 30 minutes tops. 😩 She’s up at night numerous times, more than 6+ some nights. 😱 She has always been super grumpy and just well, mean during the day. Just never smiling and always upset crying for no reason at all.

😳 It’s been day 5️⃣ of 5 drops 2X daily of HempWorx 500mg CBD Oil and I am so glad I can finally say she has been sleeping better overall and last night she slept from 8pm to 7am only waking up ONCE….ONE TIME!!! 😳🙌🏼🙌🏼 She also took an HOUR NAP yesterday!!!!

She has severe separation anxiety with me, I couldn’t even walk out of the house to the vehicle for one minute without her screaming bloody murder, her anxiety has gotten a little better, it takes her a few minutes of me being in another room before she realizes it and looses it again! 😂 hoping for more results on that soon! 🤞🏼

This is a picture of her this morning, with an actual laugh coming out of her mouth! Also blabbering away talking, NOT screaming! Praise the Lord, this mommy needed this! 😍 

💚🌱 Testimony from Andrea:

#MentalIllness #PTSD #Anxiety #Depression

Okay so I did my testimony on the relief cream but here is my personal testimony on using the 750mg CBD oil…. When I was 16 years old(Now 27 almost 28)I was diagnosed with Depression anxiety and PTSD. I tried all sorts of medications and felt way worse than I did without it!!!! My depression 5 years ago got the best of me I completely gave up on my life I had to walk away from my husband and daughter. I lost my mom to addiction. I was on a downward spiral. I was court ordered to go back to therapy and find a medication that works for 3 years I found something that leveled me but still felt like something wasnt right. I then stopped taking all my pills I was able to control my mental health where I didnt need to see a therapist anymore. I was still doing well but still felt like I wasnt 100% fast forward to December of 2018 my bestfriend [name removed for privacy] introduced me too Hempworx. I bought a sample from her before I recieved my sample I already placed an order for a full size bottle. In the beginning I only did it to support her and her business I never thought I benefit from it. Well I used my samples for a week and by the end of the week I joined her team to help her change lives!!!! This stuff is liquid gold!!!! It has helped with my depression and anxiety in so many ways. I’m not on edge I don’t go off at the drop of a pen. I have always been very open about my mental illness!!!! 2 months into using this product I am happier and able to do things I never saw myself doing before. I was one of those worse once off. I had no support no one to love or reassure me everyone told me I was crazy and out of my mind and I would never mount to anything but look at me over here changing lives and being open about my past not caring what others say or how they judge!!! Why because I worked my butt off to get to where I’m at and I will continue to work on me. I will continue to learn to love myself and get my confidence back with the help of this amazing 100% pure CBD oil I am finally where I want my mental mind to be in life. If this stuff can change my life imagine what is may do for you💚

🌱💚 Testimony #Autism #Fibromyalgia #Thyroid #Anxiety #PTSD#Endometriosis #Autoimmune

“I first saw Hempworx advertised by my friend Alicia in 2017 and I was not fully convinced that hempworx was providing the quality CBD oil that it claimed. A year passed and I let it sit on the back burner of my mind always wondering if it was going to be the solution that I was hoping for myself and for my daughter. 
I spent most of the months of that year researching CBD oil and the plethora of companies that decided to surface in that time claiming the same things that hempworx was claiming with their oil. Back then, I was looking for a cheaper way to get the same thing and it wasn’t possible.

During that year I put in the work to get my family at a position where we didn’t have to think twice about making a purchase so blindly. Hempworx wasn’t offering samples until shortly after I made my first purchase. I set my hopes on the fact that if it didn’t work there was a 30 day money back guarantee and I would get back every penny that I spent and I would be done looking for a solution and just accept what was.

My daughter and I struggle with symptoms on the autism spectrum.
Sensory processing disorder 
Symptoms that make it difficult to manage daily tasks, difficult to function to appropriate standards within societal structures. Symptoms that make life harder to understand/process cognitively and emotionally. Symptoms that have made it unbearable to shower, to eat, or to sit within your own skin. Symptoms that make the feeling of clothes uncomfortable or the decibel of sounds with in small spaces intolerable. living in isolation because you can’t let anyone touch you or near you. 
Meltdowns in the brain that bleed out into the family unit. 
Transitional struggles between simple or major life occurrences. 
It has take so much to understand where we are and how to get to a life of balance and comfort.

I also manage anxiety/ ptsd, endometriosis, & an autoimmune disorder related to my thyroid. 
I have not been diagnosed with, but carry heavy relatable symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Before I turned to hempworx CBD oil I was strictly using marijuana to help my symptoms and a restricted clean diet for my daughter and I with added minerals and vitamins to try and relieve our symptoms.

I found short-term relief from marijuana; after being a caregiver and patient to myself the past 5 years it started to turn against me. I reached a point where I was scared of what I turned to as medicine because it was triggering my symptoms instead of alleviating them for me and I was fed up and discouraged by a plant I loved. The THC content in todays medicinal marijuana market is so high, that its hard to access an evenly balanced medicine.

Those days up until my shipment arrived felt like the longest days ever! 
I was advised to take 15 drops of 750 mg CBD oil and 7 for my daughter twice a day. After I took my first dose I challenged myself to the most uncomfortable area of my life— showering. 
For five years I was unable to comfortably take a shower without feeling like the water was cutting my skin. Half embarrassing but 100% eye-opening to realize that my brain was completely unbalanced. I always knew there wasn’t something right about how that made me feel but doctors really didn’t seem interested. 
20 minutes it took from the time I took my first dose to the time I was able to get in the shower and not think twice about the water or the way that I felt and I was able to take the longest shower I had taken in a long time!! 
Of course I didn’t know that it was working I just kept going on with my life at that moment. My fiance was the one who asked me how my shower felt and I responded with “GREAT! I didn’t even think of it… Wait, it didn’t hurt at all!” 
That’s was my biggest immediate result!

My anxiety is minimal to nonexistent, my pain only comes around when I’m due for another dose and sometimes those days that hurt I spread my doses out more throughout the day. I’m able to function my daily tasks comfortably which was foreign. I don’t have to think twice about how I’m going to get things done anymore and I conquer the doubt as soon as it arises, no room for anxiety here✊

Within a week from our first dose CaraBella started a shift in her dynamic at school. Her grades improved she stopped getting behavior reports sent home and started getting compliments sent home from her teachers. she’s more articulate with her emotions and more conscious and able to problem-solve before a meltdown happens and pull herself out of them compared to before. 
Meltdowns were daily in our home especially with the inability to effectively process emotions and responses within the brain. 
Now CaraBella is setting goals and reaching them!!

There is never going to be a day where I turn away from CBD oil or hempworx! It’s changed my life by giving me control of the way that my brain functions and the way that I live within my body. It is giving my daughter better quality of life by allowing her to also have control of the way that she processes and handles her perception of life. It allows us to access ultimate balance. Balance is everything! I never knew what complete balance felt like until I found hempworx.”

🌱💚 Testimony #Anxiety #Fibromyalgia

From Missy 💚

“Here Is My Testimony: I Have Had Anxiety My Whole Life And Never Liked How I Felt With The Meds They Prescribed But About 13 Years Ago I Started To Have Storm Anxiety Really Bad (Like Couldn’t Leave The House If I Knew It Was Gonna Rain Heavy, Or Even Really Windy) So Again I Was Prescribed “Storm Pills” But Wouldn’t Take Them For Fear I Would Be Knocked Out!! Anxiety About Anxiety Pills… Go Figure!! 😣 Fast Forward To 6 Years Ago… After Having My Beautiful Daughter I Started Hurting All The Time, My Memory Started To Fade, My Sleep Was Nonexistent!! So In June 2017 After Sleep Study, Memory Tests, Neurological Tests I Found Out I Had Fibromyalgia!! Of Course I Was Immediately Offered Pharmaceutical Options And Me Not Wanting To Be A Guinea Pig I Started To Research Alternative Options!! After 7 Months (Yes U Read That Right, I Looked At Every Detail Of Tons Of Brands Thanks To My Anxiety Lol!!) Of Research I Found A Brand I Trusted Enough To Try And Haven’t Looked Back!! Since January 2018 I Have Been Pain Free, Anxiety Free, My Focus And Memory Have Improved Tremendously And My Sleep Has Been Amazing!! I Have A Life Back That I Never Knew I Could Have!! 💚🌱”

🌱💚 Testimony #Depression #Fibromyalgia #Anxiety #Vertigo #RA#RheumatoidArthritis #GERD #Fatigue #GallStones #ChronicPain #Alopecia

😍 Dez shares her exciting results!…

I started Hempworx CBD Oil 500mg w/no THC about 30 days ago. I have been diagnosed with depression, fibromyalgia, anxiety, vertigo, seronegative RA, GERD, fatigue, gallstones, chronic pain, alopecia.. (I am sure I am forgetting at least one diagnosis, lol). I can truly say that I did not have to take any pain medicine for those 30 days. I stopped taking the CBD oil to see what the results would yield and low and behold, the pain returned. I am NEVER getting off of my CBD oil again. This is the best thing since sliced bread. I am ecstatic about how my life has improved. No more ibuprofen 800, no more tylenol w/codeine, no more meclizine, no more pantoprazole, no more trazodone. Now I can spend my money on a new outfit or shoes, lol. I am experiencing appetite suppression. PLUS my hair is growing back! Goodbye pain and hello break dancing, lol. Hemp really worxs!”

🌱💚 Video Testimonial #Parkinsons

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