Coffee Lovers~here’s some eye-opening information

Coffee Lovers, here’s some eye-opening information

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During this sluggish economy, many of us are looking for ways to cut back but yet not deprive ourselves of the simple pleasures in life.
One pleasure many of us have in common is that great cup of coffee, however, the cost of running into our local coffee shop is outrageous.

The Sipping Cottage has a variety of Varietals and Flavored coffees ranging from $13.50 to $14.95 a pound. Now, think about this for a moment, for arguments sake I will use our highest price coffee to demonstrate a breakdown on how you can save money by purchasing 1 lb of our high premium, quality coffee(s).

1lb = 84 – 6oz cups
1lb Sipping Cottage coffee ÷ $14.95 = $0.17 per cup

84 cups of coffee

Figuring you spend an average of $2.00 a day per cup of to-go coffee, that’s $14.00
a week, $56.00 a month and {sit down now} $730.00 a year!!!! If you get more than
one cup a day, well, do the math.

screaming ladyHope this brought you some value~
Happy sipping,




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P.S. we at The Sipping Cottage pride ourselves in keeping our customers happy and educated.  

The Sipping Cottage does NOT use any of the following in our coffee beans and ground coffees…..

a little known fact most coffee drinkers do NOT know…..

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