coffee – 12 ounce vacuum sealed

We take pride in every bean that comes to us. The roasting process is quite precise to make the perfect tasting flavor to the beans. Then we freshly grind and immediately vacuum seal each bag for maximum freshness. We offer 12 ounce vacuum sealed bag varieties. There are several types of flavors. Choose from the variety and let your taste buds savor the intense flavors. We guarantee that you will enjoy till the last drop.

Our Swiss Water Process Decaf Coffee is 100% chemical free. Swiss Water Process begins by soaking high quality green coffee beans in pure clean water to create what we call “flavor-charged water”. This step occurs only once, and these original beans are then discarded. The flavor-charged water is then run through a carbon filter, which traps only the caffeine molecules in the carbon’s pores. Next the flavor-charged water, now decaffeinated, is circulated over the green coffee beans and the caffeine, not the flavor, naturally flows out of the beans – simple diffusion. Because the water is already saturated with flavor components, any possibly flavor crossover or removal that might occur is held to an absolute minimum. This is why the Swiss Water Process maintains coffee flavor and complexity so accurately, without adding foreign “process” flavors to the coffees. We are OU certified and all of our coffees are kosher.

What Is Fair Trade Coffee?
Fair Trade is a voluntary program utilized by coffee importers and food companies to create an alternative market for traditionally disadvantaged producers in developing countries, usually small scale farmers.
The components include:
• Targeted purchasing of coffee through democratically organized farmer co-operatives.
• Agreed upon commodity floor prices that provide for a dignified livelihood.
• Direct exports by producers.
• A promise by importers to make affordable credit available to the farmer cooperatives.
• A world-wide network of non-profit certifying organization.
• A fee paid by importers and wholesalers to cover the cost of certification.
• A seal that assures consumers that the product was fairly traded.
Your purchase of fairly traded coffee helps build pride, independence and community empowerment for small farmers and their families. A coffee processing plant in El Salvador, community stores in Colombia, the training of doctors in Mexico, new schools in Peru – these are examples of initiatives co-ops have taken in their own communities with the income from Fair Trade.

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