Herbal teas

The countless health benefits of herbal tea turn this beloved beverage into far more than a comforting,
delicious drink to enjoy with friends or over a good book! From relieving insomnia, to calming an upset
stomach, to fighting viruses and infections, and more, herbal teas have so many powerful health benefits.

For centuries, people in every culture have used herbs and spices to enhance the taste of food and drink –
and to help and heal their bodies, as well.

Passed from generation to generation, the wealth of information about the healing powers of herbs and
spices for our physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual selves continues to hold true today.

Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

These are just some of the many benefits of herbal teas.

Herbal teas (which are also called ’tisanes’) are simple, effective, inexpensive, caffeine- and drug-free
ways to enjoy the taste and benefits of herbs and spices.
By drinking herbal tea, you’re also providing your body with some much-needed hydration!
What is a ’tisane?
A tisane (pronounced “tea-ZAHN”) is a hot or cold infusion or concoction made from herbs, spices, leaves,
flowers, fruits, berries, seeds, roots, bark, or any combination of these. Flavorful and naturally caffeine free,
tisanes are consumed for enjoyment and often for their inherent health properties.)
And, your senses will be pleasantly stimulated by herbal tea… the warmth of the cup in your hands…
the visual pleasure in the vibrantly or delicately colored beverage… the aromatherapy of the delicious fragrance
and, finally, the calming deliciousness of that first taste!

Health Benefits of Herbal Tea
Whether you love herbal tea for the pleasurable taste alone or you are drawn as well to herbal tea benefits,
the many varieties and health benefits of herbal tea provide you with a plethora of choice!
Here are some of our more common herbal teas and a taste of the benefits they can provide.

Chamomile Tea
We love our chamomile tea! Each day around the world, we enjoy over 1 million cups of this healing herbal tea –
for good reason! Delicious and fragrant, chamomile tea can help and heal us in so many ways.
This amazing brew has topical benefits, as well, and can even be used cosmetically! To ease aches and pains,
soothe a colicky baby, sleep soundly through the night, or find relief from irritated skin, steep a comforting cup
(or pot) of this age-old medicinal cure-all tea.

Hibiscus Tea
Tart and aromatic, this herbal tea, which is made from the calyces of the tropical hibiscus plant, is chock full of health benefits!
High in vitamin C and antioxidants, sweet-tasting, pretty hibiscus tea is well known for lowering blood pressure.
Hibiscus tea, which is lovely iced or hot, is calming, relieves insomnia, helps with weight management, and fights free radicals, as well.

Rooibos Tea
Vibrantly colored Rooibos tea is an herbal tea that is becoming more and more popular. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants,
Rooibos tea has many health benefits – it encourages relaxation, alleviates insomnia, relieves a headache, soothes a troubled tummy,
eases baby’s colic, and more. Delightful hot or cold, Rooibos herbal tea has a distinctive, pleasant flavor.

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