QUESTION: Is HempWorx C🐝D “Water Soluble”?

Is HempWorx C🐝D “Water Soluble”?

No it is not – It’s better to leave the oil in its natural form, co2 extracted, with minimal ingredients. Straight from nature as it’s intended. The oil left in its natural form means it stays in the body longer, which is what anyone experiencing pain would want, and the way its designed to be used.

To make it water soluble the oils have to be emulsified, this process requires an additive to the oil to make it disperse in water, basically it breaks the oil apart in water. Your body doesn’t need it to be water to absorb it!! It’s really just a expensive bottle of chemical water!! πŸ’¦ 🚫
We have an oil that when taken under the tongue sublingually it has very high absorption rate directly to our Endocannabinoid and nervous systems with purity being the main focus. No additives and that means we need no preservatives to make it shelf stable.πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Our ECS is a protein based system, with receptors expressed throughout our body.
Water Soluble Oils do not allow proper adhesion of Vital C🐝Ds due to non existent or low amounts of Poly UnSaturated Fats from Hemp Seed Rich Oil containing Vital Omega 3 and 6 . which allows Binding by the Laminin Protein Molecules present in our bodies.