Reusing Tea Bags To Degrease Dishes And Freshen Up Your Home

First off, I want to say I did NOT write this great article, but I found

it quite intriguing for many of my tea followers and wanted to share!


It was  written by The San Francisco Globe :

Most of us have faced this likely scenario – at the end of a long day, you come home to a sink full of dishes. Maybe they weren’t your doing, perhaps it was a roommate or a friend, but now you can’t prepare anything without cleaning them first. You opt to wait it out, hoping that someone will come along and clean them before you need to use the kitchen next. But here’s something you might not have considered to make the future job a bit easier. The next time you have a sink full of dirty dishes, drop a tea bag or two into the water and let everything soak. The tea will help break up grease and food stains, limiting the amount of scrubbing you’ll have to do.

While most of us are familiar with tea as a beverage, it can be utilized for much more than that. In addition to helping degrease dirty dishes, tea is also an excellent deodorizer and can help freshen up your home. It’s important to note that we are talking about used tea bags – thus, they can be used for brewing and then given a new life around the house. Tea leaves can also help alleviate minor skin irritations. I’m making sure to never again throw away my tea bags.
For the tea drinkers out there, will you give any of these tricks a try? If you’re not a tea drinker, would you consider starting? As a tea enthusiast, I know I was taking notes during this video. Not only are these tips helpful, but they can help save you a few bucks here and there.
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