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We made the cut!!!!

I knew it….I did so much research and it was so worth it! I picked a winner not only for myself and Family but for every one of my loyal customers and soon to be! This is HUGE… US Hemp Authority Announces It’s First List for their US Hemp Authority Certified… And Guess Who’s on […]

CBD for Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease

When I come across helpful and educational articles, I like to share with my following. I found this one imparticular piece about How Does CBD Oil Decrease Inflammation In Celiac Disease very informative, I hope you do as well. What Is Celiac Disease? CBD oil has taken on greater interest in recent years due to its […]

7 things to consider when buying CBD oil

🌱 7 things to consider when buying CBD oil: 1.) – Be sure you are using a quality product. Read the labels for additives, chemicals and unnecessary ingredients that dilute and destroy the product. Check lab results, COAs, mold + toxicity reports, gas and chromatography reports, etc. 2.) – Check extraction method – CO2 is […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying CBD Oil

I have done alot of tasting, testing, quality and seeking the best value by searching several different CBD oil companies and finally narrowed it down to the one we use everyday. This is the one we are finding great results with on a daily basis ~ CBD OIL I usually write my own blogs, however, […]