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Easy peasy iced tea 101

  My easy peasy iced tea 101 will have you ready for the summer and your outdoor bbq entertaining! The following are to make a glass or gallon of iced tea: any flavor tea~ 1. one gallon + 2 cups of water 2. Cool down and reserve 2 cups of the steeped tea.  Why you ask? Make […]

Reusing Tea Bags To Degrease Dishes And Freshen Up Your Home

First off, I want to say I did NOT write this great article, but I found it quite intriguing for many of my tea followers and wanted to share!   It was  written by The San Francisco Globe : Most of us have faced this likely scenario – at the end of a long day, you […]


Tea is enjoyed no matter what time of year, iced or hot! We love making many different flavors to change it up. Below is a very handy little guide for you to make the perfect iced/hot tea! I have recently rebuilt The Sipping Cottage site so it may look a tad different to you, I […]

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